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Ford documentation describes the car as having been delivered to Sud Automobile of Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. Information received from the current owner:

As far as an automotive enthusiast, I have been into Mustangs and Fords since 1973. Mustangs are my first love, but I am also collecting other hi-performance Fords. My garage is 40'x100' and holds the following: one 1970 Boss 429, two 68 Shelby GT500 convertibles, two 1967 GT350s, one 1967 GT500, one 1968 Cougar 427GTE, one 1968.5 Cougar XR7, one 1968.5 Mustang coupe, two 1968.5 mustang fastbacks, one 1969 SCJ Mach, one 1969 SCJ Mustang convertible, one 1964 Galaxie XL 500 R-code 427 car, one 1967 R-code 202 Comet ("Sandy Elliot ford drag car", driven by John Elliot. John and Barrie Poole were know as the "Border Bandits"), one 1967 390 GTA convertible, and others just to name a few. I have been collecting many parts over the years. I'm a parts man and historian (and a licensed body man by trade) for a large restoration shop. For 20+ years it's been my job to find correct finishes and all the hard to find parts needed to do some of our restoration projects, every year it gets more difficult finding this stuff, but I love "the hunt" and finding is what I do best!

Car 034 was originally shipped to Quebec Canada. The dealer was "Sud Automobile". To promote the dealership, the car was sold to George Constantine for $1.00 along with a trailer and pickup truck to tow with. The car was painted black, lettered, and raced to promote the dealership's performance end. The car raced in the north-east and Naperville, Sanair, and other events such as NHRA Nationals in 1968. It can be seen on Wide World of Sports "drag racers holiday" for a few seconds in the background with an interview by Dick Landy. It spent most of its life on the track with a record time of 11.60 secs on Sept 18th 1968. Over the years it got a roll cage, the frame was tied, tubbed, and stripped to the bones for weight. I got the car in the early 1990s from the third owner for $9,000.00 and dragged it home (a 7-hour drive from Montreal to Toronto) in a snowstorm that dropped 3 feet of snow! Fast forward to today - the car has had all the racing mods removed and the body is back to 100% stock form. With 6k on it (1/4 mile at a time), it didn't see any road salt and suffered no rust damage! It has a lot of the original drive line, but most of the interior will need to be replaced. I would like to finish it in the next two years. The car is pictured in Quebec.