Timing Pointer

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The timing pointers used on 428 CJ, SCJ, and other FE engines of the period is serviced by basic part number 6023. The pointer is made of stamped steel, and is bolted and screwed to the front of the timing cover. This part was painted on the engine after installation, so it should normally be painted Ford Dark Corporate Blue.

CJs and SCJs used different pointers, probably due to the different harmonic balancers used on the two engines. Both mount the same way, though the SCJ pointer is a tad longer (2 1/2" by my tape measure for the CJ pointer vs. 2 27/32" for the SCJ pointer according to the 1975 Ford Master Parts catalog). The pointer is attached to the cover using a sheet metal screw, and is secured further using a bolt that mounts both pointer and cover to the front of the block.

C9AZ-6023-A CJ Timing PointerC9OZ-6023-A SCJ Timing Pointer
C9AZ-6023-A CJ Timing PointerC9OZ-6023-A SCJ Timing Pointer

The 1975 Master Parts Catalog (MPC) also lists a pointer identified by part number C6AZ-6023-A for 1966-1967 Police Interceptor 428s without air conditioning. This pointer is described as being 1 3/4" long and 2" wide.

Please note the C9AZ part number for the CJ pointer -- it's obviously not original on a 1968 CJ. Steven Locher managed to find a picture on an auction site showing what are allegedly 1968 and 1969-1970 CJ timing pointers side-by-side:

1968 and 1969-1970 CJ Timing Pointers

Note the difference in the left-side curve leading from the base to the tip of the pointer. Allen Cross reports that the 1968 timing pointer was serviced as part number C8AZ-6023-A, which is listed in the April 1968 MPC as being 2 3/4" long.

Here's another picture of an SCJ timing pointer provided by George Anderson of Gessford Machine Inc.

Thanks to Dave Bickler for the SCJ timing pointer image shown above. He was just fooling around with the capscrews and silver paint...