Speedometer Gear Calculator

Changing tires to a new size or changing rear-end gears can have an impact on speedometer accuracy. This is because your speedometer is controlled by two small gears that are optimized for a particular combination of tire size, rear-end gear ratio, and transmission type. The drive gear is attached to the transmission output shaft inside the tail shaft. The driven gear is attached to the end of the speedometer cable that is inserted into the side of your transmission.

In mm, example: 225
Also known as "profile", example: 70
In inches, example: 14
Example: 3.50:1
This should only be marked "Yes" with 3.91 or 4.30 rear end ratios.

Common Ink Stamps

Are you looking for images of common ink stamps for your Cobra Jet Mustang? This page exists to provide copies of images that you can use to create your own stamps. The collection is rather small right now, so please feel free to provide images that you've found useful in your restoration. Please don't ask if I have any other images -- what you see here is all I have right now.

Concours Correct Parts?

This page describes parts that are being sold as "concours-correct" or "original Ford" that are in fact not correct for a concours restoration. In some cases, the parts are correct for one model year but not all, and in other cases the parts are just flat-out wrong or mis-identified. Where possible I'll provide contact info for the individuals who have brought such information to my attention. If you come across such a part or advertisement for a part, please point me to it so we can all understand the difference(s).


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