1968 "135" Mustangs

Limited 428 Cobra Jet Mustang production began with a run of 50 (enough to qualify for NHRA stock racing classes) non-GT fastbacks (body style 63A) that were scheduled for assembly at the Dearborn assembly plant on December 30, 1967. The VINs were serialized consecutively starting with 8F02R135007 and ending with 8F02R135056. All were painted Wimbledon White and equipped with a black vinyl interior (code 2A), heavy duty 4-speed manual transmission (code 5), manual drum brakes, and (code 7 (3.25:1) door tag code notwithstanding) a 3.89:1 rear axle ratio. 30 of the vehicles were assembled with seam sealer and sound deadener (noted by DSO code 844660) and 20 were built without seam sealer and sound deadener (noted by DSO code 844661).

The program was announced to dealers in a telegram sent from Jacque Passino to regional and district sales managers on December 26, 1967. Note that the telegram describes the DSO option numbers as 84-5660 and 84-5661, not 84-4660 and 84-4661.

Drag Strip Performance

Have you ever wondered just how fast your car might really be in the quarter mile? Guess no more -- take it to your local drag strip and find out! Once you know for sure I'll gladly post your results and a copy of your time slip, and we'll confirm how our cars really measure up. Results for both 1/8 mile runs and 1/4 mile runs are both appreciated.

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