1969 and 1970 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Air Cleaners

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During the 1969 and 1970 model years there were two basic air cleaners available for your Cobra Jet Mustang: Q-code cars received an enclosed air cleaner with a chromed lid (this same lid was also used on Boss 302 Mustangs), and R-code cars received a special "ram air" air cleaner with an air scoop that protruded through a hole in the hood. The ram air setup came to be known as the "shaker" air cleaner because of the way the scoop would shake in response to changes in engine RPMs. Goose the throttle and watch it move!

There were six different air cleaners used during the course of the two model years. Four air cleaners were used in 1969 (two shakers and two non-ram air); two were used in 1970 (one shaker and one non-ram air). The different air cleaners, their service part numbers, their build (broadcast) sheet codes, and their measurements are described in this table:

Year & Application Service Part Number Build Sheet Code Measurements 1969 Q-code
(before 17 February 1969) C8OZ-9600-C 80 C 16.79" x 3.66" 1969 Q-code
(after 17 February 1969) C9OZ-9600-H 90 H 16.79" x 3.66" 1969 R-code
(before 17 February 1969) C9ZZ-9600-E
(replaced by D0ZZ-9600-F) 9Z E 18.83" x 5.50" 1969 R-code
(after 17 February 1969) C9ZZ-9600-F 9Z F 18.83" x 5.50" 1970 Q-code D0ZZ-9600-E 0G C 16.79" x 3.66" 1970 R-code D0ZZ-9600-F 0Z T 18.83" x 5.50"

1969 and 1970 Air Cleaner Part Numbers

The 1969 model year saw a running change that took place around 17 February 1969, when the air cleaner base was changed because the automatic choke was coming off too soon, causing a driveability and emissions problem. Ford added a vent to the heat tube for the choke to help keep the choke on longer. The choke tube was redesigned to include a tee and a hose was added to connect the tube to a thermal vent mounted in the bowl of the air cleaner. Air cleaners with the thermal vents also had a small strap spot welded to the outer edge of the bowl to support the hose. There change was described in TSB #114, issued on 2 May 1969.

OK, let's look at the differences, starting with the Q-code air cleaners. The 1969 base used for both Q-code and R-code cars has a metal elbow in front that's used to link the base to the breather that mounts on top of the driver's side valve cover via a rubber hose. Here's a shot of the 1969 Q-code air cleaner. Note the Autolite service parts sticker:

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Here is an example of an early-style, 1969 Q-code base. Note the vacuum-operated door on the side of the air cleaner, which opened under low-vacuum, hard throttle situations to let more air in. Though not shown in this picture, the inner raised center of the air cleaner base was originally painted flat black. Note, too, the square nuts used to mount the air cleaner snorkel. The base was painted the same Ford Dark Corporate Blue as other engine components.

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Here is a detailed picture of the door:

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The 1970 base is similar to the early base used in 1969, except that the metal elbow in front was replaced by a black plastic elbow (painted blue like the rest of the base) mounted in a black rubber grommet. Here's a picture of a confirmed original:

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Here's a picture of the Q-code lid. As noted above, this is the same lid used on Boss 302 Mustangs that were similarly equipped without ram air induction. The lid is chromed front and back, and it comes with a "COBRA JET 428-4V" sticker attached along the front edge. Note the difference in the sticker used on the two lids pictured above -- one says "COBRA", the other says "COBRA JET". I'm not sure if this is a model year difference or a repro vs. original thing. Additional insights would be welcomed!

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Shaker seals

Thanks to Jim Linton and Mark Reposa for the pictures used on this page.

Here are some pictures and service part numbers of similar air cleaners used on other Ford engines (with the name of the person who provided the picture shown in italics):

1969 390 C9ZZ-9600-J (Peter Disher)
Notice that this air cleaner has a little extra rim around the top. The base is also slightly taller (5.82") than the 428 CJ base (5.50").


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